i360 Degree: Face lifting the Beauty of OAU

The month of November-December is the Golden Jubilee celebration of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, and as part of the programme and contribution of students to celebrate the anniversary. A group of students came up with the idea of reshaping the image by reclaiming the status of Africa’s most beautiful campus. Mr. Bolu Onasanya, a part 5 student of the department of Medical Rehabilitation speaks about the motive, purpose for painting and engaging the Great Ife students in such a laudable project in an interview with Ojekunle Alex Aderemi.

Remmy: Can I meet you sir?
Bolu: Bolu Onasanya, Medical Rehabilitation student, Part 5.
Remmy: What’s i360?
Bolu: i360 degree, meaning Impact 360. The “I” is to create impact and the 360 is to touch very cities across Nigeria. It started two years ago in Ibadan as an initiative of a youth focused group called G-Next. G-Next believes in creating a NEW NIGERIA and igniting change from its people especially the youth. It started fully in 2010 when the organization painted the police headquarter in Ibadan for the commemoration of 50th independence anniversary of Nigeria using the Nigeria Police Force convoy for a rally and synthesizing the good people of Ibadan to join the project

Remmy: what is the motive behind the painting of the Great Ife environment?
Bolu: the project is aimed at spurring students towards a positive, constructive and impact driven contributions to the growth of Obafemi Awolowo University. An average student wants someone that will propel them towards change in the society with the mindsets of greatness within them. The main purpose of i360 degree is to uphold the learning culture of the school by contributing a small proportion to that effect. The willingness of students to be the change agents and the programmes of i360 made it very possible for the organization to gather about 3,000 likeminded students during the first and second phase of the painting.

Remmy: Was there any incentive for the programme from the school management or your organization is expecting a kind of incentive for the work
Bolu: first of all, the drive for this project is CHANGE, not money, not popularity and not attention. Once you have a chance to create a change, get people out to create that change – That’s what i360 stands for. Secondly, there was a coincidence with the school anniversary and since the first stage of the project was carried out in October 2012, the school management saw the need to sponsor and collaborate with us towards the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Obafemi Awolowo University. The management supported us in doing this project though the first stage was supported by the Dean of Student Affairs, Campus Fellowships and some corporate agencies. We cannot do it alone, hence the need for various inputs from appropriate quarters.

Remmy: Your kind words to the students and school management for the 50th anniversary
Bolu: Be the change you want to see! Change never stops, it’s a continuous thing. To the school, students are not just about alutas, student are change agents who are willing and ready to effect change in whatever capacity that will uplift the school standard. The management should also be able to maintain this high level of supportive spirit for continuity. It is not only about the 50th Golden Jubilee, it is about portraying and maintaining the long standing status of OAU as the Africa’s most beautiful campus.


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