Mary Ajayi: The Things We Do and Why We Do Them

pic source: nigeriadecides2015

pic source: nigeriadecides2015

By Mary Ajayi ( @megadoxa )

I begin to think about this. I think about why people wake up daily and take to social media, biting and scratching wounds and demanding pounds of flesh, why Facebook celebrities and Twitter warlords post and tweet day long about politics, economy, social good etc. and get many likes, comments, retweets and following. Perhaps, attention does oil the wheel of human activity.

I think of why Muhammadu Buhari who is known as a fierce Anti-corruption Crusader be in a situation that puts him on as a seemingly corrupt person. Is he really trying to lie his way into INEC’s acceptance of the little or no academic qualifications he has been able to present? And I think of all the noise about the coming election and wonder what people really think outside the glare of social media, outside the spotlight of blogs, websites, radio interviews etc. What do they think about when they are alone with their PVC or CVR cards before them? What will be on their mind as they stand come 14th February to vote whoever it is they deem worthy?

Recently, on a radio programme, a Nigerian called and says “The Nigerian Army are not with Buhari’s certificate, not that he, Buhari, doesn’t have one. He says the problem with those who oppose Buhari and the All Progressive Congress (APC) is the problem of context.” The opposition don’t put “certain statements” in context. And I am thinking: if it is not clear, don’t say it. If you do, deal with the consequences. The Nigerian political climate is too tense and almost toxic for words not properly contextualised to fly around unguarded.

We do the things we have to do, however.

So, February 2015 is here already and you know your choice as regards the election. But if by now, you are still undecided… whatever you do, know why you do it and let your motive be true to your beliefs. And I feel the need to add this: recognition and attention is good but it is toxic to make it the basis for why you do what you do.

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