Taraba: Danladi, Umar In Secret Talks

Taraba State acting governor, Alhaji Sani Abubakar Danladi and the immediate past acting governor, Alhaji Garba Umar, were in a secret meeting yesterday in Yola, a source close to the duo has disclosed.

The two politicians as observed recently were at daggers drawn with the main aim of rendering   one another politically irrelevant.

This sour relationship started when the apex court of the country sacked former acting governor and ordered for the reinstatement of Danladi, who was impeached in 2012 by the state House of Assembly.

The agenda of the meeting was not disclosed but a close associate of the former acting governor told LEADERSHIP Sunday that the secret meeting was not unconnected with the political situation in the state as it affects them and the whole state and the possible way of solving the crisis.

He stressed that the meeting of the politicians was a good thing that has happened and expressed the hope that the outcome of the meeting would be a step towards the solution of the political crisis in the state.

Another source told LEADERSHIP Sunday that the two attended a wedding in Yola and it was while in Yola that they held their secret meeting after the wedding ceremony.

But a former aide to the sacked acting governor, Aaron Artimas, argued that there was no secret meeting as rumoured, insisting that when the two politicians met in Yola at the wedding, the sitting acting governor went and greeted the former acting governor who is his elder brother in the same village and their discussion started and ended at the wedding venue.

LEADERSHIP Sunday’s checks have confirmed that the two politicians have been having cordial relationship in recent time and have even been doing certain things in common.

The decision of the former acting governor to withdraw from the senatorial race for Danladi as observed was informed by the decision to make peace. It was discovered that Umar chose to allow Danladi to run for the seat as he said “I will not contest with my younger brother.”


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