Compiled By: Sam Adegbola

1) The “MAID”: Feels that it is their obligation to wish you “Good Morning” every day via BBM.

2) The “BUSY”: Never chat you up, never react to your PMs and DPs. Hardly reply or comment on your pings. ‘I was busy’ is usually their ring tone. They might even make reference to your old status if they see you face-to-face.

3) The “LACONIC”: Doesn’t ever really say anything, just LOL, hehehe, hahaha or LMAO at everything. They use smileys and emoticons everytime. Ask them how their day was, they will reply with B-) or :]Y

4) “THE CELEB”: Has about 1500 contacts for no reason. They accommodate the good, the bad and the worst people on earth. Their main aim is to add as many friends as they can, just like many do on Facebook.

5) The “EMOTIONAL”: Expresses their feeling on BBM; if they are fine, you’ll know, if they are fighting, you’ll know. They also have conversations with others via PM, so we know who they are referring to. E.g “God will judge sha, Ama Parry Parry, Whew! Jide is badt”

6) The “ATTENTION SEEKER”: This person always updates stuff like “At last!”, or “Why this?!”, in the hopes that you will ask what happened, or what’s wrong but then they never finish telling the story. If you ask them what’s up, they will tell you “long story” or you “can’t understand”.

7) The “RSS FEED”: Always updates you on what they are doing, who they are doing it with, what they are eating, where they are eating, what they bought, etc. no matter how lame. We know everything from their breakfast of choice, to what book they are reading before they go to bed.

8) The “ROBBER”: Steals status updates and Display pictures, while u still have yours on. They won’t even acknowledge you while using it. They’ll probably steal and use this write-up. Some even steals broadcast messages without editing some of the contents that doesn’t suit that own intention. I was spurred to compile this because someone stole my DP.

9) The “ANGRY BIRD”: Wants to be a part of bbm but doesn’t want to receive broadcast msg. They better move to Myspace or Twitter. All BCs annoy them. They either delete Bc at sight or delete the sender.

10) The “BROADCASTER” broadcasts everything to everyone even if it’s a repeated message. They annoy contacts with news update, adverts contents, jokes, etc.

11) The “PRETENDER”: Wants everyone to think they are having fun. They r always chilling even when they are alone and extraordinarily bored in their single room.

12) The “GHOSTMODE”: Always idle on bbm, they hardly change pm and dp, they don’t send BCs. You can only know they are active if you try to chat them up; if you do, they respond almost immediately.

13) The “UNKNOWN”: These set of BBM crowd is the one occupied with peeps you’ll have to beg to ask for their names before you realize who exactly you are chatting with. They rarely use their own pictures. The use images of celebrities, quotations, and also pictures of friends during their birthdays.

14) The “COMEDIAN”: Searches for funny pictures everywhere and use them as DPs. Their PMs are funny too.

15) The “LORD’s SPOKESPERSON”: Will broadcast a message saying that if you don’t do the same to ten people, you would face bad luck for next seven years or so. It’s always about “Jesus”.

16) The “PROMOTER”: Prefers repping DPs of upcoming events and they are d ones who use BBM for adverts like “for ur makeup, jewellries, shoes, beads, cakes, suits, etc, call 08012345***\\ @Dp Me & Dad\\Dave, I sight you!”

17) The “MUSIC FANATIC”: Listens to music every time on their phone and would want all their contacts to know what they are listening to.

Expressions and Opinions are that of the writer.



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